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P90X 2

p90x 2

P90X 2

OK, yeah, I’ve been talking about this quite a bit lately, but I’m so dang excited about it that I want to talk about it once again. P90X 2 is coming out VERY SOON! I think what sparked this today was that I got an email letting me know that the P90X 2 pre-order is ending here shortly, something like a week or so, meaning I will be receiving my P90X 2 Ultimate Package here in the near future! I can’t wait to get it and get started.

For those of you who haven’t heard about P90X 2 yet, it’s the next P90X program that Tony Horton and Beachbody are releasing here shortly (as I mentioned above). P90X was tough, but P90X 2 is going to be MUCH MORE advanced! I have experienced a few of the workouts first hand, as I’m in the new P90X 2 Shoulders & Arms video and got to watch quite a few of the other workouts being filmed as well. Tony Horton takes fitness to a whole new level, incorporating some new ideas and new moves that will allow you to continue with the muscle confusion after P90X. What I like best about P90X 2, though, is that it really focuses on sports performance, and being a former college baseball player I can really appreciate this. Back when I was in college, I wish I would have had a program that could help me improve my strength, speed, agility, and just my overall athletic performance, and now athletes all over the world will have a program that focuses on just that.

Many of the workouts involve use of the core, helping improve balance and core strength, which are very important for performance. When going through the new P90X 2 Shoulders & Arms routine, Tony takes some familiar resistance exercises that you would experience in the P90X, One on One, or even P90X Plus series and makes them a balance move. For example, there is one exercise called Balance Alternating Arnold Presses, where you run through alternating shoulder presses, but do it on one leg. The guys who thought they were strong before, pressing 55 lbs dumbbells over their heads, will have to lighten the load to complete this exercise. When I first did it, I had to drop down to 30’s, and it’s taken me almost  months to increase to 45 lbs. It’s a TOUGH exercise, as most of the P90X 2 exercises are.

So what P90X2 equipment will you need? Really, the only absolutely necessary equipment you will need will be the same as P90X, which is a pull-up bar and either dumbbells or resistance bands. However, I highly recommend that you get 2 medicine balls and a balance ball, which are for the more advanced exercises. The P90X2 Deluxe Kit and P90X2 Ultimate Kit both come with a balance ball and 2 medicine balls.

If you’re in great shape and looking to take your fitness to a whole new level, you’re not going to find anything better than P90X 2! It’s an unbelievable program, challenging, but unbelievable, and it will really test your ability to push yourself. P90X2 pre-order will be going on for another 7 days until Dec. 1, and that’s when they are going to ship them out. If you want to pre-order P90X2, just click on the link to learn more about the details! Like I said above, if you pre-order, you will get the program before Christmas. Remember, too, that this program IS NOT for beginners! I HIGHLY recommend that you go through either Power 90 or P90X beforehand.

Also, once P90X2 is shipped, I will be forming P90X2 Challenge Groups! If you join a group, you and 4 other people going through P90X will be given your own team name, Facebook group page, and hold each other accountable and support one another throughout the entire program! You will also have access to me for help and I will be overseeing each group and checking in every day as well. If you want to stay committed the ENTIRE time and are SERIOUS about changing your health, this is the way to do it! There are a couple of rules, though: (1) I have to be your coach. To make me your Beachbody Coach, just click here! (2) You have to be using Shakeology as a meal replacement EVERY DAY! If you want the best results possible, you HAVE to be using Shakeology in combination with P90X2. (3) You MUST post in your group at least once a day for accountability! (4) You have to work out and commit to the diet EVERY SINGLE DAY! If you would like to be put in a P90X2 challenge group, email me asap!

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