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P90X2 Challenge Groups!

Ahh yes, the moment we ALL have been waiting for! I just got notification this morning that my P90X2 Ultimate Package has been shipped out! Seriously, my adrenaline is going through the roof and I’m probably going to have one of the best workouts in my life today because of it. Why am I so excited? I guess I have been waiting for this program to be released since the day I went to L.A. for the P90X2 Shoulders & Arms shoot. Filming for the video and watching the other P90X2 workouts got me fired up and excited to take my fitness to a whole new level!

Anyways, I’ve written enough posts about what exactly the new P90X2 program is going to consist of, and I want to focus on something that has been working WONDERS for the people I coach as of recently, and that’s Challenge Groups. About 3 weeks ago I decided to form the first challenge groups, and what it consists of is 5 people thrown into a group, they get their own Facebook group and name, and they are there to support each other 100% throughout the entire 90 (or 60 with Insanity) days of whatever program they’re using! On top of each of them providing support to each other, I’m there to do so as well, answer any questions that they have, and check in with them every single day. Really, it’s a fail proof method of getting results because they won’t allow each other to quit! I’m seeing people stay more committed than ever and getting the quickest results than I have in a long time, all because of these groups! In just 3 weeks, I’ve had quite a few people lose over 15 lbs, and are already feeling 100X better in terms of energy and confidence. I’ve asked many of them to write a review of their experience to this point, and will be posting them here shortly!

Challenge Group Requirements

  • I have to be your Beachbody Coach! If I’m not your coach yet, make sure you make me your coach by clicking here!
  • You have to be using a Beachbody program like P90X, Insanity, or Turbofire along with using Shakeology as a meal replacement EVERY SINGLE DAY! To get the best results, you HAVE to have a combination of a workout program and Shakeology. I’ve been using Shakeology every day as a meal replacement for lunch for the past 2 years, and it’s by far the best supplement (if you can even call it that) that I’ve used and the one I’ve gotten the best results with. I’m 100% CONFIDENT that a combination of the 2 is how you’re going to get the best results, so that’s why I’ve made it a requirement. If you’re tired of not getting results, this is the way to do so!
  • You have to work out and eat healthy every single day and post that you did so in your Facebook group. By posting every day, each person is holding you accountable!
  • You must post at least ONCE per day! If you’re not posting, it’s showing me and the other 4 members that you have either lost motivation or are struggling, and when that happens you will get a message from me giving you a swift kick in the pants! If you don’t post, you’re also letting 4 other people down because they need you there for support. Even if you are struggling, post it in the group so that we can help you out! Chances are we’ve been there before and can help you out.
Now that you know what a Challenge Group is and what the requirements are, I’m going to be forming P90X2 Challenge Groups VERY SOON, probably within the next few weeks! If you pre-ordered P90X2, you will be getting the program before Christmas, and I’d like to start each P90X 2 challenge group on January 1, but will make sure everything is in place to do so. So if you want to take part in a P90X2 Challenge Group, email me ASAP at and I’ll put your group together! Get ready to ROCK this new program and get into the best shape of your life! Make sure you let me know if you have any questions.

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