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P90X2 Pre-Order Date

The long anticipated sequel to the original P90X, P90X2, is getting closer and closer to it’s release date! Don’t get too excited yet, though, because we still have about 4 or 5 months, but the P90X2 pre-order date is coming up VERY SOON! From what Corporate is telling me, the P90X2 pre-order date is going to begin sometime towards the end of this month, or maybe even early in September. They are expecting a HUGE amount of orders for this new program, so you’re going to want to pre-order as soon as they open it up! You better believe that I will be one of the first to pre-order P90X2. Why? Well, I’m featured in the new Shoulders & Arms workout of course!


So what is P90X2? P90X2 is literally going to be the most advanced home fitness program on the market, period. I’ve had the opportunity to learn about what all went into creating this new program, and they really have taken it to a whole new level. Think P90X on steroids! It was developed by many fitness and nutrition experts from around the country, including Dr. Marcus Elliot, one of the most sought after trainers in sports! I was there at the filming of some of the workouts, and these new moves are more advanced, more intense, so much that there is no doubt that I will struggle with them, and I’m in excellent shape! It was unbelievable how sore I was just after the new P90X2 Shoulders & Arms (check out the rest of my P90X2 review), and those are my strong areas. I even watched Wayne Wyatt struggle with some of the moves, something I didn’t think was possible!

It’s important to note, though, that this program is NOT for beginners! In fact, it should be mandatory to complete the original P90X before attempting this program. If you are out of shape and try to jump right into P90X2, you’re in for a rude awakening. Like I said, even I struggled with these exercises! Whether your an athlete looking to take your athletic ability to a whole new level or a marathon runner, P90X2 is going to help you reach your goals!  Remember, the P90X pre-order is going to start either in late August or September, so be on the lookout! You can click below if you want to be one of the first to know when I hear something.



  1. Been sampling this program with the Volume 3 One on Ones and I’ve loved every sweaty bit of it. I’m sure it’s destined for changes and greater intensity from what was previewed but maaaaan… I can’t wait.

  2. The release of this is going to be epic. It’s great to keep climbing the ladder to get in better and better shape with such advanced programs from Beachbody.

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