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P90X2 Review: Chest, Back, and Balance

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been doing P90X2 for about 5 weeks now (starting week 6) and so far out of all the P90X2 workouts, I like Chest, Back, and Balance the best! Why? That’s what I’m going to share with you in my P90X2 review below.

There is no doubt that I love resistance workouts, much more than I like cardio ones. There’s just something about doing a tough resistance workout and the way you feel afterwards, like you’ve just accomplished something great, especially if you really push yourself. When I went through P90X, my favorite workout was Chest & Back, and it involves non-stop push-ups and pull-ups until you get to the point where you feel totally exhausted. Well, P90X2 Chest, Back, & Balance is pretty much the exact same thing, but this time you’re doing tougher moves, ones that require more balance, more strength, and more endurance! By the end of this workout, you will be left feeling completely drained, but again, you will also have a great sense of accomplishment. I would even go as far to say that this is my new favorite workout!

What’s so great about it? It forces you WAY outside your comfort zone! These moves are very advanced and focus on muscles that you don’t normally focus on. For example, most people go to the gym and do the normal chest and back routines that include bench press and bent over rows, which is good, but it doesn’t focus on all those little stabilization muscles that need to be worked from time to time. If you can have a balance of doing these advanced moves combined with some normal heavy training, then you can get some pretty great results! In one of the moves, the one that is the TOUGHEST for me personally, called the “Impossible, Possible,” you have your legs up on a balance ball, and you’re doing Diamond Push-Ups on a medicine ball. Doing regular Diamond Push-Ups is tough enough, but when you add in balance to the issue, well, it becomes nearly IMPOSSIBLE, hence the name! You are forced to engage your core the ENTIRE time, and it’s pretty dang tough to stay balanced. The first time I did it I was able to get about 4 reps, but the second time I was able to increase to around 8 reps without falling.

Tony Horton really does a great job mixing up the back exercises as well. As you know if you have gone through P90X or any other Tony Horton program, Tony loves his pull-ups! In the 30/15 workout (One on One), for example, you’re doing 12 sets of 15 pull-ups, which is A LOT! In this new P90X2 workout, it’s along the same lines as 30/15, but with added tougher moves, such as the “X Pull-Ups” and “Pull-Up Crunch.” With the “X-Pull-Ups,” you’re using the wide grips and keeping your legs out an an “X” without moving them the entire time. This stops you from “kipping,” a form of pull-up cheat. When you’re forced to use nothing but your back muscles, you feel it quite a bit more than normal pull-ups. With the “Pull-Up Crunch,” your hands are in reverse grip position, you pull-up, and then curl up and do a crunch. The key is to not rush through the workout, but take your time and really focus on proper form. This absolutely DESTROYS the back and you feel it in your abs as well.

When it all comes down to it, the new P90X2 Chest, Back, & Balance workout absolutely ROCKS and is one of my favorites! Hopefully you found my P90X2 Review helpful, and if you’re interested in the new P90X2 program and have any questions, feel free to email me at!


  1. I lost shoulders and arms

  2. @Alberto. What?

  3. I’m currently doing p90x just started day 2 but my friend the one who is letting me borrow p90x lost shoulders and arms is their any possible replacement I really need an answer day 3 has to do with this video.

  4. @Alberto. You will have to talk to Beachbody about getting a replacement.

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