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P90X2 Review: Chest, Back, and Balance

P90X2 Review: Chest, Back, and Balance

Yesterday marked the beginning of week 3 of P90X2, and instead of following the first Phase for another week, I decided to go ahead and switch over to Phase 2, which includes more resistance training. I absolutely loved the first Phase, which included workouts like X2 Core and Power & Balance, but I already got to the point where I could complete all the reps without pausing, so I figured moving on to the next phase would be best. Plus, my

body responds better to resistance training, losing fat quicker than with mostly cardio training. Keep in mind, too, that I’m sticking to the diet 100%, meaning I’m following the P90X2 Nutrition Guide STRICTLY, and haven’t had a drink of alcohol since I started either. That’s playing a MAJOR role in my quick results! Honestly, my core is the strongest it’s ever been, and I’m just a couple of weeks into it! Anyways, here’s my P90X2 review of Chest, Back, and Balance.

I really wasn’t too sure what to expect with this workout, but I knew that it would involve a lot of balance training since that’s what the P90x2 workouts have focused a lot on to this point. I was sort of expecting something similar to P90X Chest & Back, a little tougher of course, but it was VERY different! First of all, there aren’t 2 halves to the workout, meaning you don’t go through a certain number of sets and repeat once you get to the halfway point, but rather, every exercise is something different. I enjoy that because I don’t like to do repetitive sets when working out. The chest exercises were very interesting and tough, and my chest is pretty sore today. Most of the exercises are done on either a balance ball or medicine ball(s), really forcing you to engage your core the entire time. There was one exercise that I REALLY struggled with, but I think it had to do with my form. It required you to place your feet on the balance ball and do Diamond push-ups on a medicine ball. I was up on my toes, but when I finished the workout, I noticed that their legs sort of straddled the ball instead of being on top, making it easier. Regardless, it’s a TOUGH exercise! There is another exercise where you have both hands and feet on separate medicine balls and do push-ups. It’s difficult because you really have to engage your entire core to stay balanced while you’re doing the push-up. By the time you’re on your last set of push-ups, you’re drained and just want to finish!

The back exercises are unique and tough. You probably do around 10 sets of different pull-ups, no joke! I had a hard time keeping up with my reps towards the end because I was that exhausted. You do quite a few exercises from the One on One series, including the Levers, which is where you are sort of hanging on the pull-up bar, back and legs parallel to the floor, and you swing into a pull-up. There is another pull-up where you’re body is stationary in the X position the entire time. This stops you from cheating by “kipping.” The back exercises definitely work all areas of the back!

All in all, the P90X2 Chest, Back, and Balance was an excellent and challenging workout and something I’m looking forward to doing again, just so that I can see how much I improve from week to week. Hopefully my P90X2 Review helped you out, and if you have any questions about the new P90X2 program, feel free to email me at!

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