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P90X2 Review: X2 Core

P90X2 Review: X2 Core

For those of you who don’t know, today was my first day of 90 days of 100% PURE commitment to the new P90X2 program. I’m not skipping a workout, not cheating on the diet, and am going to push myself every single day until I reach day 90! My goal is to be in better shape than I was after my first few rounds of P90X, which was back in 2008, and believe me, I was ripped! I had gotten down to about 155 lbs and 6% body fat, and finally got my desired 6 pack that I had been wanting since I first got into high school. I have lived a healthy lifestyle and stayed in great shape since then, but I haven’t committed like I’m going to do now. It’s a challenge for me, and I love challenges! Anyways, today my buddies and I did the first workout of the series, P90X 2 X2 Core, and it was definitely a tough one. I’m going to share my P90X2 Review: X2 Core below!

In all honesty, I was expecting the first workout to be tough, but not as tough as it was. It’s not too tough in terms of intensity (it is intense, though), but rather the difficulty of doing the moves and completing them with proper form, all while doing the same amount of reps as the people in the video. If people go through the workout and say they didn’t feel it too much, chances are they rushed through it using improper form. In order to really get results with X2 Core, you HAVE TO USE PROPER FORM and slow down your reps! If so, you’re going to not only be dripping with sweat by the end, but your entire body will be shaking as well. I can say that because I’m shaking as I’m typing this, and I finished it up about 45 minutes ago!

I love this workout because of it’s uniqueness. I have never done many of the moves before, and it was nice to switch things up and focus on some small muscle groups I have never targeted in the past. I can already see how going through the entire 90 days will literally get me into the best shape I’ve ever been in before! I’m already excited to teach these new moves to the Malone Baseball Players, who I have been training since November. It’s going to take their athletic performance to a whole new level! Anyways, there are a few moves that I want to go through and explain to you all, just so that you can get an idea as to what’s involved with this P90X2 workout.

The first one that really sticks out in my mind is where you are standing on one leg with the other real close to your ankle, you have a medicine ball in your hand, and you jump down, do a push-up on the medicine ball, and then jump back up, lifting the medicine ball over your head and repeating. Not only is this a very difficult move when it doesn’t involve any balance, it becomes extremely tough when your one leg can’t touch the ground the entire time! By the time rep 8 rolls around, your leg is shaking and core is hurting. The next move that really sticks out in my mind is the medicine ball Dreya Rolls. It’s just like the Dreya Rolls that you all know and love in the first P90X, but this time you are curling and then jumping with a medicine ball. If you don’t know what a Dreya Roll is, you start standing and then fall back on your butt, roll backwards while curled up, and then roll back forwards, stand up and jump, holding the medicine ball over your head. You do this for something like 45 seconds, and by the time you’re finished, you can barely breath and you have a hard time getting back up!

Those are just a few of the many exercises in this hour long workout, and you’re going to find that not only is this a challenging workout, but it’s fun to do as well! There is no doubt that after 90 days my core will be more developed than it every has been before. I’m really looking forward to the Plyocide workout tomorrow, and the rest of the workouts after that! I will continue posting P90X2 reviews as I go through each workout.

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