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P90X:MC2 Update

Wayne Wyatt and Josh SpencerI’m not sure if you remember my last post about P90X:MC2, or P90X 2 as some people are calling it, or not, but I talked about how I went to the casting tryouts down in Dallas while I was at the Success Club Leadership event. The P90X:MC2 tryouts were early in the morning, so the grass was wet and the sun hadn’t even risen yet. It was a little chilly, probably around 45 degrees, and I went out there with my white tank top and shorts. I showed up to the tryouts about 10 minutes before we started, and apparently I was late because everyone else had already taken all the front spots along with the large towels. You needed a towel to keep you dry while you sat on the wet grass, and I got a towel, but not sure you could even call it that. It was a hand towel, and I had to do my best to stay on this dinky towel while we were doing crazy ab routines and leg exercises. It was interesting to say the least, but it did it’s job.

Before I go into some of the things that we did during the workout, let me briefly explain what P90X:MC2 is for those of you who don’t already know. It’s the next P90X program that’s going to be released at the end of this year, and MC2 stands for “muscle confusion 2.” It’s going to be tougher, more advanced, and allow you to continue confusing the heck out of your muscles so you avoid that plateau.

OK, back to the workout. We focused mostly on the legs and abs during the workout, and many of the moves were a combination of old moves, but with added twists. For example, we did one exercise just like fifer scissors, but with the knees slightly bent, and we had to put our hands behind our heads, crunch up, and twist to touch each knee while we held the position. CRAZY burn! The entire workout was that way, and needless to say, I felt it the next morning. P90X MC2 is going to be one AWESOME program!

Anyways, I hadn’t heard back from Beachbody about the tryouts for about 3 months, so I just completely forgot about it, but the other day I got a call letting me know that I was one of the ones they were considering. A few days later, they called and let me know that I would for sure be a part of the new P90X MC2 cast! The one that I’m going to be in is the new Shoulders & Arms workout, and I’m super pumped! I was hoping for a lifting workout, and that’s what I got. On top of that, 4 other people from our team, Team Next Level, made the cast! Wayne Wyatt, a personally sponsored coach of mine and the guy in the picture with me above is going to be in one of the cardio workouts. Monica Parodi, another Diamond Coach on my team, is going to be in the same video as me, which is awesome! The others on my team in it are Barbie Decker and Sean Callahan.

We’ve got to head out to L.A. to start the P90X 2 video shoots in March, and the expected release date is supposed to be towards the end of this year. To stay updated with all the P90X:MC2 news, make sure you make me your coach, and click here to do so!

Josh Spencer

Top Beachbody Coach 2010


  1. congrats coach,

    pretty awesome that you get to be in a lifting routine. Kind of odd that they made Wayne, who is a giant, do a cardio routine but wutcha gunna do. I would kill to be in one of those videos.

    while you are over there, get them to open the business in Canada! im getting anxious!

  2. Garrett /

    Congrats man. I can not wait for this to come out!!!

  3. austin /

    wow i cant believe im gonna be watching my coach while i do p90x 2, that is really weird but congradulations man you earned it

  4. Josh, that is Awesome News! Congrats! That MC2 sounds Crazy! I hope I’m ready for it by the time it comes out. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences with the shoot.

  5. jstnthrguy /


    That’s awesome news and i’m tickled pink that the others from TeamNextLevel made it too. I cant wait to take my confusion to the next level with MC2 and fellow coaches. 😀

  6. William /

    Congrats! That’s so awesome! I can’t wait for P90X: MC2!

    BRING IT!!!

  7. @William. Thanks bro!

  8. @Drew. Thanks bro!

  9. @Austin. Thanks!

  10. @Garrett. Thanks man!

  11. @Marc. Thanks man! I will do my best to get the business opened up to you guys up there!

  12. Those are two HANDSOME guys right there!! Good times!

  13. @Wayne. Haha you got that right!

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