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Post Christmas Weight Loss

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t exactly eat 100% healthy yesterday, but I have a feeling I wasn’t alone! However, I’m not saying I went crazy and indulged in nothing but cookies and pie all day, and I TRIED my best to work with what was available, but there were a few things that I ate that weren’t the greatest. However, I limited myself and ended the day on a decent note, only taking in a few hundred more calories than normal. It’s nothing that I won’t work off in a few days, though. The issue that most people have is that they have the hardest of times RECOMMITTING after a holiday weekend of terrible eating and skipping the workouts! That’s what I’m here to help with.

The # 1 key is that you DO recommit as soon as the holiday is over! Like I said, so many people struggle with finding that motivation to get up early to work out and eat healthy again, but it’s the most important. You’ve got to dig down deep and remember that you have GOALS TO REACH, suck it up, and just do what you have to do to get back into that normal routine once again. If you have a hard time, don’t be afraid to reach out to me, and I will be sure I give you just the kick in the pants you need to get back into gear!

What about those of you who haven’t committed to a program yet but want to? There are a number of Beachbody programs that I recommend, the top being P90X of course. P90X was the program I initially started with back in March 2008 and ended up losing 25 lbs and 10% body fat in 90 days with. It literally CHANGED MY LIFE! However, it wasn’t easy. P90X is a TOUGH program, and it took some serious dedication and commitment to BOTH the diet and workouts to get the results I did. If you can commit to it ENTIRELY, then you will get the results you want!

If you aren’t in shape at all or just don’t think that P90X is for you, there are quite a few other programs that are great as well that I highly recommend. If you think that P90X will be too intense, Power 90 is a good one to start off with. Power 90 is a program that many of the people I coach started off with to lose all the weight and have gotten GREAT results with! It’s like P90X with a balance of resistance and cardio training, but not as intense. If you like to dance, Turbofire or Hip Hop Abs are both great programs. Turbofire is very intense (yes, I have gone through it myself) and is not for beginners, but it involves a lot of jumping around, dancing, and interval training. It really is an AWESOME and fun program! Hip Hop Abs is less intense than Turbofire, but is a great workout to burn a ton of calories with.

Last, if you’re already and good shape and just want a new challenge, Beachbody just released P90X2 a few weeks ago and is a CRAZY program! It’s super advanced, and will really force you outside your comfort zone, making you do moves and focus on muscle groups that you have never worked before. I’m actually in the new Shoulders & Arms video, and I was surprised with just how tough it is to add just a small variation to commonly known moves, such as shoulder presses. For example, one of the moves involves doing alternating shoulder presses on one leg. Just lifting that one leg forces you to use your entire core to stay balanced the entire time! That’s just one example, though, and the rest of the program is INTENSE!

You can find all of these programs on this site, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at I’m a full time Beachbody Coach, so it’s my job to help others through the program! If you haven’t made me your coach yet, you can do so by clicking here! If you’re ready for some post Christmas weight loss, the ways I posted above are how to do it! These programs work, and you just have to be willing to commit (or recommit) yourself.

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