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Should I Work Out When I’m Sick?

We are now in the Flu Season and many of you have gotten sick recently and approached me on whether or not you should work out. There are many, many different opinions out there about this, but I am going to give you mine and why I think this way.

I have gotten sick recently, and my energy level was down for the entire day that I was sick. I was sick from food poisoning, though, and not a virus, so I did not run a fever, but was dehydrated and had no appetite. I really, really wanted to work out that day, but decided against it because I knew it wouldn’t be a good workout. But I definitely could have if I wanted to.

However, if you are sick with some sort of virus, I highly recommend letting your body rest and recover first before you work out. Especially don’t work out if you are running a fever. You have to remember that when you are sick, your body is trying to fight off that sickness, and you are going to feel very week. I believe that you need to be at 100% when you work out so you have that ability to push yourself to the max. If you are sick, it is hard to get in a good work out because of your low energy levels.

So I recommend that you wait until you feel better before working out!


  1. i woke up today and i felt super tired and fatigued i am a week and a half from day ninety and i couldn’t get through the first 3 excercices of back and bicepts without feeling exhausted i dont feel sick its been 2 days and i still can barely complete the first three excercises when i have been able to do them in the past has this ever happened to you?

  2. Yeah man, that’s happened to me before, and right about the same time as it happened to you. You need to increase the cals/carbs now because your body is demanding it.

  3. omg thanx man! i had about double the carbs i did yesturday and i finished!!!i cant wait til day 90

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