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Slim in Six Review

Slim in Six is a program that has been around for a long while and helped thousands of people lose weight and get into great shape! Even though it is most popular among women, there are many men that have used the program and gotten excellent results.

So what is Slim in 6? It is a 6 week program created by Debbie Siebers that focuses on both cardio and light resistance workouts to trim you up and get that sexy body you have always wanted!

Slim in Six Reviews: When you receive the program in the mail, you will also receive a diet plan that will guide you in the right direction with your eating habits. No exercise program is successful unless it is combined with the proper diet, and I encourage you to make sure you follow it closely! During the first few weeks, you will start with the “Start It Up” DVD, which contains unique exercises to help you burn the fat! You are going to use this DVD 6 days a week for 2 weeks before you move on to the next. It is a short workout, at just about 25 minutes long. For the next 2 weeks, you will go through a series of exercises with the “Ramp It Up” DVD that will help you get toned! It is a little longer at right around 48 minutes. The final DVD is “Burn It Up,” and these workouts are done for the remaining weeks and will help you burn off the fat and reveal that sexy toned body underneath! It is the longest of the 3 workouts, and is 58 minutes long. The one thing that I like about Slim in 6 is that it focuses on each muscle group, not just on the legs like many other programs. You are going to get an all around workout by incorporating some cardio, stretching, and light resistance exercises that will help you lose the weight and get into shape!

If you are in decent shape and don’t have many health issues, then Slim in Six is an excellent program for you! However, if you’re obese and suffer from major health issues, you might want to search for a different program. There are some exercises in the program that are stressful to the body.

Final Verdict: If you’re looking for a program that will help you get into great shape and you are willing to commit yourself to both the diet and workouts, then Slim in 6 is the program for you! Weight loss is just 6 weeks away!

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