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Turbo Fire Review

chalene johnson turbo fireOK, for all you Turbo Jam lovers out there, be ready to take your fitness to the next level with Chalene Johnson’s brand new program Turbo Fire! While at the Coach’s Summit out in L.A. this past weekend, us coaches got to experience what Turbo Fire is all about, and let me just say WOW, you all are in for one heck of a workout! I felt like I was doing a workout like Insanity or P90X Plus. It’s that intense!

Turbo Fire Review

From what I experienced of Turbo Fire, it’s a HIIT workout, or high intensity interval training. The exercises that we did involved some punching, kicking, jumping, twisting, and just about any other movement you can think of! My heart got pumping FAST and I felt like I really got in a good workout. Chalene Johnson did it right with this one! I actually got a chance to meet her this weekend, and not only is she a great trainer, but she genuinely cares about the success of the people who go through her programs. With the way Turbo Fire was filmed, it’s almost like you’re right there in her workout group with her in the front row!

For all of you women (and even men) out there ready to get into shape, get ready for TURBO FIRE! I’ll make sure to write more TurboFire reviews soon. To learn more about the program, click below!



  1. Chris Bernardi /

    Josh is right folks! This workout IS a game changer if you’re ready to tackle it! For all your Turbo Gals and even you Insanity and P90X people. This is a great way to boost your cardio workouts. Great moves, great tunes too! Should be out in about a month!

  2. Marlyne /


    thanks for the posting. I saw the product on Beachbody website and was wondering if I should get it. I think I will seriously look into it.

    Thanks again

  3. Josh /

    @Marlyne. TurboFire is an AWESOME program! I actually have it available on this site, which forwards you back to the Beachbody site, but has my Coach ID in the link for me to get the credit. I would appreciate it! Let me know if you have any questions about it.

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