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Coach Josh P90X Update!

OK everyone. I thought I would give you all a little update on my progress. I am currently on week 6 of Round 2 and have noticed AMAZING changes! Believe it or not, I have not ran during this entire round! I wanted to strictly follow the P90X workouts and see where that would take me, and it’s truly unbelievable! I have lost 6-7 lbs and about 3% body fat! I haven’t measured my body fat % recently, but I am guessing it is around 5-6%.

For the ab workouts, I stuck with Ab Ripper X for the first 3 weeks until I gained my full strength back, and since then I have been doing JRX with some added moves! I am getting a camera for Christmas and am going to create a video of the modified JRX. However, this video will ONLY be available to the people I coach!

With my diet, I have eaten I would say 99% clean for the last 6 weeks! It makes such a HUGE difference when you are able to commit yourself to the diet! I plan on keeping up this trend because I feel so much better with myself when I can accomplish something like this. Of course there have been MANY temptations, but I politely say “no thank you” and stick with my fruits, veggies, and salads!

I am hoping to take updated pictures VERY soon so I can show you all the progress I have made.

Remember, results come from 80% diet and 20% workouts!

Coach Josh


  1. Hey Josh whats JRX?

  2. JRX is the ab workout that I have created for only the people that I coach or have purchased a product from this site. It is for those who can make it all the way through Ab Ripper X without pausing.

  3. Hey Josh,
    I just signed up at and put you as my coach, but I’m not sure how to ask you questions on there so I’m just going to ask you here for now. Do you do the recovery weeks? I feel like I am not working out hard enough during that period of time and want to do more resistance workouts. Do you feel the recovery week is very important, or can I get away with a few resistance workouts?


  4. Hey man. You can email me at with any questions. Also, make sure you go through the entire “Q&A” section before you ask anything, as there is a ton of information to help you get started in there. Anyways, the Recovery Weeks are very important, and I highly recommend that you complete them.

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