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Should I Work Out When Sick?

You might be asking yourself, “Should I work out when sick?” I’ve made a few posts about this before, but it seems that everyone is getting sick again, so I thought it would be a good time to write yet another post on this topic. Flu and cold season is quickly approaching, and there are going to be many people that are going to wonder if they should work out or not when they are sick.

Personally, I feel that it’s not very beneficial to be working out when sick. You’re weak and need to let your body fight off whatever sickness that you have. The quicker the healing time, the quicker you can get back to your workouts. Plus, with your low energy, you’re not going to get in a very good workout anyways. What’s the point of working out if you can’t push yourself? Rest until you begin to feel better and then get back to the workouts.

Also, being sick doesn’t mean that you can eat whatever you feel like eating. For some reason, people tend to think that they should be allowed to eat junk food while they aren’t feeling well. Not the smartest move. There are two reasons why this is terrible for you to do: (1) Your body more than ever needs the proper nutrients and vitamins for healing and recovery. If you’re eating nothing but pizza and ice cream, where are the nutrients coming from? (2) You’re going to ruin all your hard work that you have put into losing weight and getting into great shape. I say this all the time, but one bad day of eating takes 3-4 days to work off. If you eat bad for an entire week or two while sick and aren’t working out, then you might as well mark off a month because that’s how long it’s going to take for you to get back to where you were pre-sickness. That’s just not worth it to me. Eat healthy while sick!

So, should you work out when sick? No! Working out when sick doesn’t help you at all, so take it easy and let your body recover. With the proper rest and healthy diet, you should be up and going in no time. Once you start feeling better, then you can start working out again.


  1. Good post Josh.. I started using Maximum Greens vitamin packs from GNC about 2 months ago. I feel great and I haven’t even had a sniffle.. not even sinus or allergy problems. They are a little pricey but I noticed a HUGE difference from changing from a men’s multi-vitamin.

  2. What do you do with your supplements when you are sick. When I get sick that is the last thing on my mind?

  3. @Eric. What supplements are you talking about?

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