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When Should I Work Out?

One of the most common questions that I get is, “Does it matter when I work out?” The answer is no, just as long as you get your workout in for the day. There are some days that I will work out late at night and others during the morning. However, there are a few times when you shouldn’t work out, like right after you eat and when your sick.

It’s very important to give yourself about an hour after you eat for the food to digest before jumping into the workout. This is especially important if you’re doing an intense program like P90X or Insanity. If you work out too early after eating, you could cramp up or even lose your meal, which I’m sure none of you want to happen! The only thing that is acceptable to take within that hour time frame is your pre-workout supplements like NO-Explode. I usually take that about 35 minutes pre-workout.

The other time that it’s important to not workout is when you’re sick. When you workout, it’s important that you be able to give it your all, and when you’re sick, of course you’re not going to be able to do that. I know sometimes it’s hard to rest, but it’s what you have to do if you want to get better. When you’re sick and can’t workout, I recommend cutting back on the carbs slightly, replacing them with proteins.


  1. i have a 2 hour wrestling practice every day which is all intense cardio, is there any p90x workout that i should stop doing to gain more mass, or should i continue with the scheduled workouts?

  2. If there is a scheduled cardio workout on your wrestling days, then don’t worry about the workout since you’re looking to gain mass.

  3. While I agrre that the benifit of working out doesnt change depending on the time of day I do believe it is best to do it in the morning, it eliminates the possablity of the daily grind causing you to miss it later in the day. Also getting out of bed is the first victory of the day.

  4. In that sense I have to agree with you. You are more inclined to do the workout if it’s in the morning rather than in the evening.

  5. Hi Josh, is it possible to do the workouts like right before you sleep?


  6. I have worked out many times late at night before bed. If that’s the only time you can fit the workout in, then so be it.

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