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Working Out Late At Night

Sometimes you are not going to have a choice and will be forced to work out late at night if you want to stay on schedule. The fact is that things get in the way, like work, visitors, schedule change, and rather than skip a workout for the day, you always have the option to work out at night. Believe me, I have had to do this many times, especially during my first Round of P90X because of my demanding job schedule. I would get up very early, get ready for work, and then come home around 8-9 PM tired, but knew that I had to stay on track and complete the next P90X workout. I even remember a few times that I didn’t get done working out until 1:30 AM! Call me crazy, but I am one dedicated dude.

One of the questions that I commonly get is if and what supplements should they take before and after the workout. Obviously, if you’re taking NO-Explode or any other kind of pre-workout supplement that increases energy, you aren’t going to want to take it if you’re working out late at night. If so, you’re probably not going to sleep at all that night! I always recommend taking it no less than 8 hours before bed. I remember a few times that I took it late and stared at the ceiling fan for a good 3-4 hours. Then, all you do is get ticked off because you can’t fall asleep! If you need that extra boost of energy to workout, then eat an apple about 40 minutes pre-workout. After the workout, though, it’s very important that you replenish the body of the carbs lost and take in whey protein, regardless of how late it is. I highly recommend the P90X Recovery Formula for post-workout recovery! One of the greatest concerns is that they shouldn’t be taking in carbs late because they are stored as fat when you sleep. This is very true, with the exception of working out late at night. After you work out, your body goes into a catabolic state in which you burn a lot of calories for about an hour afterwards. When you take in simple carbs, most of them are burned up anyways because they are used for proper recovery and replenishment. Also, it’s very important to take in whey protein to help repair and rebuild the muscles post-workout.

There is nothing wrong with working out late as long as you take in the proper supplements and nutrition. If you are dedicated to a program like P90X or Insanity, then there are times when you will be forced to work out late just to get the workout in a stay on track!


  1. First I want to say great site, I enjoy your blogs and look forward to reading them.

    Here is my question:
    With NO-explode; should this supplement only be taken before workouts? or is this a supplement that can be used before sports activities as well? Soccer, Basketball (ie activities with lots of running).


  2. Hey!

    Just started the P90X program yesterday and am feeling it after day 1’s exercise 🙂 I have your page as my starting page on my browser now and after reading this post, I am wondering if you would recommend casein protein before going to bed, as I have heard it is a protein that is slow and therefore gives the body protein during the whole night.

    Thanks for a great site!

  3. That is the only time I have to work out. I have a wife and two kids that demand my attention thru-out the day.

    Josh what day of the week did you start your routine?

    Sun – Fri

  4. Thanks! You can actually take NOX before sports events as well, which is what I used to do before baseball games! It boosted my adrenaline and energy substantially! However, if you notice cramping, then you should stop taking it.

  5. Awesome man! I’m glad you find my site informative. Casein protein before bed is the best protein that you can take because of the slow digestion. Let me know if you have other questions!

  6. I started on Sunday. However, it really doesn’t matter which day you start!

  7. sean swain /

    I saw the results on youtube and that finally gave me that last little push i need to buy p90x because i am over weight.I weight 325 and I am about 6″2/6″3, it looks like i weight about 260lbs.I have work out before but never new what was doing. lifting weights I was able to get above 250 in bench but the hole thing is just don’t know what doing. SO I WAS GLAD TO SEE ALL OF THE ONES DOING THIS I AM GOING TO DO IT. I HOPE TO HAVE THE SAME RESULTS AS YOU THANKS BRO.

  8. I’m glad to hear that you’re going to commit yourself to this program! Have you made me your coach yet, or did you purchase the program from my site?

  9. just waiting to get my p90x. I’m very old school, in that i believe 100% in hard work, proper nutrition and adequate rest. I refuse to take any supplements, meaning, I will not take any creatine, I don’t drink protein shakes, and definately would never use things like NO explode. Its just not for me. Is it mandatory to take these things? I just don’t believe in it, and i know i may not get as fast or great results, but for me its worth it

  10. It’s definitely not mandatory to take any supplements, but they really do help with your results. Whey protein is all natural and helps with muscle recovery, and is the one that I recommend the most. However, there is nothing wrong with not taking any supplements, but you will have to make sure you are eating properly to still get great results. Let me know if you have other questions.

  11. Craig Arcamone /

    Do you HAVE to take the P90X or Insanity supplements?

  12. Craig Arcamone /

    Oh, nevemind. LOL, I didn’t see the othe comment until now.

  13. Josh, I workout from 8-9 at night and go to bed around 11. Should I take the recovery immediately after working out(9:00), whey 45 minutes later(9:45) and then casian right before bed? Is that too much between the three too late In the day?

  14. Josh /

    @Ed. Just take the Recovery Formula directly following the workout and then the casein protein right before bed.

  15. Courtney /

    I also have to workout late bc of work and kids. I am doing Insanity and would like to lose about 10 lbs of jiggle and tone up. I’m doing Shakeology for breakfast and just ordered results and recovery. If I want to lose some weight – which I don’t care if the number on the scale goes down, but just firmed up – will the R&R hurt me by taking it after 10 pm? I’m usually in bed by 11. Thanks for the help!

  16. Josh /

    @Corutney. It shouldn’t hurt if you’re taking it right after your workout! Also, I’m your coach right?

  17. sergio /

    i started lifting weights about 2 months ago i weigh 175 and im 5″10 i have a nice routine going, i also drink whey protein after my sets but i always end up working out about 7 pm so my question is is the whey protein enough? or should i eat and if so what?? ohh and about how many calories should i be eating a day??? if anyone could help me out please

  18. @Sergio. You need to be taking in some simple carbs post workout as well. I really recommend that you get the Recovery Formula. Also, are you following P90X? The P90X Nutrition plan?

  19. sergio /

    @josh. im not following the p90x completelly …im doing the ab ripper 4 days a week on the days i have off, from lifting but my problem is that i dont know what to eat to get my 2800 or more calories a day for muscle gain but lose the gut i got now. ive been going back and forth for over 2 months now not knowing the proper diet and honestly its exausting if u got any tips im all ears thank you….

  20. Josh /

    @Sergio. Do you have the P90X Nutrition Guide?

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